To stay warm this winter you need to heat those dreaded cold zones and dead spots that never seem to get warm no matter much you turn up your furnace. The first thought is to go to a large retailer and pick any one of their home heaters on display. Here’s the problem. Typical home heaters will actually work very hard to heat those impossible-to-warm spaces, increasing your energy costs.

Most home heaters produce an intense often dangerous heat that shoots up to the ceiling and escapes through windows and cracks. So it’s on all the time trying to keep you warm. And this costs money. Other home heaters require fossil fuels which can be dangerous and need constant refilling. Both of these options add up on your heating bill. Further, typical home heaters heat a very limited area.

Heat Smart home heaters are more effective than standard home heaters as they produce infrared heat that penetrates into the objects and people into the living area, keeping the heat with you. Unlike regular home heaters, Heat Smart infrared home heaters save you money on heating costs by heating more space with heat that stays with you. All of our home heaters are thermostat controlled so set it to the temperature you need and forget it! The unit shuts off when desired temperature is reached. This keeps you warm without costing you money. In fact, with those “cold zones” properly heated, your furnace turns on less, saving you money.

Heat Smart infrared home heaters are ETL approved in the USA and Canada as well as certified by the CSA and UL.

It’s time to get out of the ordinary home heater and into money saving warmth with the Heat Smart Infrared home heater.

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