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Superior technology is built into every heater
There is no other heater on the market that has all these advantages:
Smart Technology = Smart Heater
  • Heat Smart heaters "double heat" with a patented convection heating
    "chamber within a chamber." No other infrared heater has it!
  • The Opti-SwitchTM gives you two power settings for heating different size areas. Saves energy and money.
  • Intake and output grills are 30% larger than any other heater on the market. More air is heated faster for less!
  • Our patented Gold StandardTM heating elements have nine proprietary innovations designed to keep the heating elements working where others fail. Click here to read more
Smart Safety
  • Twice as safe. Every Heat Smart heater has two forms of auto shutoff protection that cut power if it overheats. For double protection, a backup safety switch will cut power if the first auto shut off switch fails
Smart Build
  • Our wood cabinets are built from solid Tennessee Ash wood. Solid wood lasts longer, looks better and keeps the heat in
There is no other infrared heater that delivers all of these features in one package. Click here to read more on the Heat Smart product line
Saves you money ~ Heat where it counts ~ Ease of use ~ Peace of mind
Our Infrared Heaters
Image of HeatSmart Victory Infrared Heater
Victory Infrared Heater - Call Us
Image of HeatSmart Star XL Infrared Heater
Star XL Infrared Heater
Image of HeatSmart Liberty Infrared Heater
Liberty Infrared Heater - Ready to Ship
Why is Heat Smart the best of the infrared heaters?Heat Smart Infrared Heaters incorporate powerful infrared technology that delivers soothing infrared heat, heating up to 1,000 sq ft, while saving you money on your heating bill. Unlike other infrared heaters, HeatSmart Infrared heaters are designed to heat living areas for less, employing two power settings that reduce the energy used when heating smaller spaces. All our Infrared heaters are designed from the ground up to perform even better than the competition; Heat Smart infrared heaters incorporate the largest intake and output grills of any infrared heater on the market, allowing for more air to be heated and circulated quickly. The Gold Standard heating elements, exclusive to HeatSmart Infrared Heaters, are painstakingly designed to last a minimum of 20,000 hours. Please click here to see how these heating elements are made to be the best of all infrared heaters. The solid wood cabinet of our infrared heaters are built from solid Tennessee Ash, grown in the USA. All Heat Smart Infrared Heaters have two forms of auto shutoff protection designed to shut the unit down if it overheats.
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Environmentally Friendly
Smart eco-friendly choice... No pollutants, No fossil-fuels... just Clean Comfortable heat.
Infrared Technology
Our heater combines Nature and the latest Technology to produce Efficient and Economical heat.
Why Heat Smart®?
Opti-Switch™ ? The Smart Choice Choose Hi or Low setting to best suit your target area. *available on the Heat Smart® "Victory"&trade (SSG1500) model only.
How it Works
Heat Smart® heaters emit infrared heat that directly heats objects and people that are in their line of sight
Energy Savings
Heat the rooms you spend time in, not the rooms you don't... Save fuel. Save money
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