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Searching for electric heaters for homes? When making a choice of electric heating, there are several factors to consider ?
  • How do they heat?
  • What kind of heat do they generate?
  • Are they cost efficient?
  • Are they safe?
  • Are there on-going costs like refilling tanks?
What are the best electric heaters for homes? They best electric heaters for homes use safe infrared heat. Infrared heat penetrates into the surfaces, objects and people in the area you're trying to heat, keeping the heat in the living area. Most electric heaters generate a very hot heat that goes straight to the ceiling.
Infrared electric heaters for homes, as opposed standard home plug in heaters, use the humidity in the air to conduct heat not dry out the air. This allows the room to heat easier with the heater working less hard to keep the room warm.
Electric heaters for homes need to be safe. Electric heaters for homes from Heat Smart encase the infrared heating elements in a steel heat chamber. This heat chamber is further encased in a solid wood cabinet. The front grill on all our heaters is completely safe to the touch and has an extra protective coating making it even safer to touch.
Further, every one of our electric heaters for homes has an automatic shut off switch along with an additional back up switch, or breaker depending on model, that shut off the unit in case of restricted air flow or overheating.
Built with houses in mind, our electric heaters for homes are constructed from solid wood that blend well into any d?cor.So when you shop for electric heaters for homes consider how they heat, how they can help your overall energy consumption and they work for your home and family. Stay warmer for less with the Heat Smart infrared electric heater. Call us at 877-432-8481 or click here to get yours today!
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