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Traditional space heaters are a thing of the past. Most space heaters produce intense heat that rises quickly to ceiling. Many require fossil fuels like propane which can be dangerous and need constant refilling. Both of these options add up on your heating bill. And typical space heaters heat a very limited area.
The most efficient space heaters on the market employ infrared technology. Infrared heaters work more efficiently by distributing warmth evenly, as much of it is absorbed by any objects in the room ? including humidity, which evenly distributes the heat between the floor and ceiling. This means those hard-to-heat spots stay warm so can turn the thermostat down and start saving money.
Even the most efficient space heaters don't compare to infrared space heaters. And of all the infrared space heaters, the most efficient space heaters that use infrared are from Heat Smart. The Heat Smart line of infrared heaters delivers the highest efficiency with most innovative technology. How does Heat Smart deliver better heat at greater savings than even the most efficient space heaters? The Victory and Star XL models are our most efficient space heaters, featuring a patented convection heat chamber that uses infrared heat like a convection oven in a two step process that makes the heater more efficient even when compared to other infrared heaters. They come standard with six quartz Gold Standard™ infrared elements. These elements are built superior through a painstaking process giving them a minimum life of 20,000 hours. Please click here to read more.
If you're looking for real savings off your heat bill, the most efficient space heaters are Heat Smart's infrared line up. Call us at 877-432-8481 or go online line now to find out more. Click here to order.
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