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Heating your entire your home properly is nearly impossible. In the past, you would go to the store and pick any old electric heater. Today, that type of electric heater is ancient history. The electric heater of yesteryear heats very small spaces, generating a very intense heat that rises quickly to ceiling.
Today if you need to heat those difficult to reach spaces, an infrared electric heater is the cost efficient solution. The most efficient electric heaters on the market employ infrared technology. An infrared electric heater will work more efficiently by generating a long infrared wavelength that warms your home the same way the sun heats the Earth. The infrared wave penetrates into the objects it comes into contact with, warming them. Further infrared heat is a "soft" heat that conducts through the humidity and doesn't dry out the air. All of this keeps the heat where you want it so your furnace isn't working overtime trying to warm that impossible to heat area.
Even the most efficient electric heater won't compare to the effectiveness of infrared heat. At Heat Smart we've developed the most comprehensive models of electric heater built today. The Heat Smart line of infrared heaters delivers the highest efficiency with most innovative technology. This includes:
  • The Victory and Star XL models are our most efficient infrared heaters, feature a patented convection heat chamber that uses infrared heat like a convection oven in a two step process that makes the heater more efficient even when compared to other infrared electric heaters. This process allows the air to be heated faster, thus warming the living area quicker and saving you money.
  • They come standard with six quartz Gold StandardTM infrared elements. These elements are built superior through a painstaking process giving them a minimum life of 20,000 hours.
  • The intake and output grills are 30% larger than the competition which means more air is heated and circulated faster. This gives you a warmer home for less money!
  • All models are built from solid Ash wood not plastic or cheap composites.
  • Every electric heater we make has two forms of auto shutoff protection designed to cut power if it overheats. If the first auto shut off switch fails, a backup switch or circuit breaker will shut the unit off.
  • All of our products are ETL / UL / CSA certified to be safe.
Start experiencing the comfort and savings with a Heat Smart infrared electric heater! Call 877-432-8481 or click here to order. Start saving now!
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