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Every home has that "cold spot" that never seems to get warm no matter how much you crank up the furnace. Most of us look to a portable heater to solve the problem. However, a typical portable heater presents a host of problems:
  • They produce a lower quality of heat that gets too hot, shooting the hot air to the ceiling and escaping through windows and cracks.
  • They produce a lower quality of heat that gets too hot, shooting the hot air to the ceiling and escaping through windows and cracks.
  • Most portable heaters have limited or no temperature control so the unit keeps running and running.
  • Many portable heaters produce more intense local heat which can burn or cause fires.
There is a better solution for supplemental heat ? The Heat Smart infrared portable heater. All Heat Smart heaters generate infrared heat that naturally warms your home like the sun warms the Earth ? with soothing infrared heat. Infrared heat penetrates into objects and people keeping in the heat in the living area. Heat Smart's infrared portable heater is designed to heat up to 1,000 sq ft economically. The Heat Smart portable heater is thermostat controlled so once the desired temperature is reached it shuts off, just like your furnace.
Portable and Powerful
The Heat Smart Infrared portable heater is powerful and compact. It easily rolls from room to room on easy gliding casters. Every Heat Smart portable heater comes standard with a remote control.
Stay safe
Some portable heaters can overheat or even cause a fire. That's why every Heat Smart infrared portable heater is equipped with an automatic shut off switch and either a back up shut off switch or a back up breaker for double protection against overheating. Further, every infrared portable heater in the Heat Smart lineup contains the heating elements in a steel heat chamber so there is no exposure to flammables.
All touch points are safe to the touch. Heat Smart portable heaters are the only infrared heaters that have a protective, non-flammable coating on the grill for even greater protection and comfort.
Heat Smart infrared portable heaters are ETL approved in the USA and Canada as well as certified by the CSA and UL.
Don't get fooled by an ordinary portable heater! Stay warmer for less with the Heat Smart infrared portable heater.
Call us at 877-432-8481 or click here to get your today!
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