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Quartz heaters emit an infrared heat wave. This is a better way to heat those stubborn places in your home that never seem to get warm. Why? Infrared heat is what the sun radiates to the earth and is how the earth is warmed. Quartz heaters work the same way. They emit infrared heat that penetrates into things, warming them rather than shooting heat to the ceiling or quickly escaping through windows and cracks. So, when you properly heat that cold area you can turn your furnace down, saving you money.
Heat Smart quartz heaters are the next evolution of quartz heaters as our models come equipped with our quartz Gold Standard™ infrared elements. These elements are built superior through a painstaking process giving them a minimum life of 20,000 hours. Please click here to read more about these elements. Further, our Victory and Star XL models feature a patented convection heat chamber that uses infrared heat like a convection oven in a two step process that makes the heater more efficient even when compared to other infrared quartz heaters.
Quartz heaters are overall safer than traditional space heaters. The quartz elements are not exposed, so the heater is safe to the touch and won't start a fire. Heat Smart quartz heaters come with a automatic shut-off switch AND a backup switch, or backup breaker on some models, that automatically turn the unit off if overheats or looses air flow. Every one of our Heat Smart quartz heaters comes standard with a protective felt coating on the grill making it even safer to the touch.
Also, because our quartz heaters incorporate quartz infrared heating elements, there is no expensive fuel to buy and refill. Heat Smart quartz heaters are built to last. Every model is made from solid Tennessee Ash wood.
Infrared quartz heaters are the next wave in zone heating technology. Now is the time to stay warm with infrared quartz heaters from Heat Smart!
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