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Why Infrared Heaters?
Infrared heaters warm you just like the sun. The sun radiates infrared heat that penetrates the land and water, locking the warmth into the planet. Infrared heaters work the same way by generating the same type of heat as the sun with infrared heat that penetrates the objects and people in your home, keeping you warm. By contrast, typical space heaters, portable fossil fuel heaters and even more advanced systems produce hot heat that quickly rises thus escaping through the ceiling, windows and cracks. Further, these systems product dry heat, removing the moisture from the air. Dry air is a poor conductor of heat, making it harder and more expensive to stay warm. All of these factors make other portable heater systems inefficient and more costly.
Infrared heaters are better for you as well. Infrared heat is therapeutic. Infrared heat waves produce a warmer, softer heat that penetrates the body, increasing your overall body temperature. This means better blood flow and circulation. That's why infrared heaters are used in hospitals, nursing homes, physical therapy centers, saunas and spas.
Infrared heaters are the green alternative! Infrared heater do not put carbon monoxide in the air, or consume fossil fuels. Just plug in and get warm without pollutants.
Why Heat Smart Infrared Heaters?
The Heat Smart Victory Infrared Heater is the only infrared heater that uses a patented convection heating method that draws in cool air around the infrared heat chamber first, just like a convection oven, allowing the air to be "pre-heated." Then the air is heated to optimal warmth in the patented convection infrared chamber. This means that the unit uses less energy to heat the air. Bottomline ?more savings and better heat for you.
All Heat Smart Infrared heaters come with the largest intake and output grills of any infrared heater on the market, allowing for more air to be heated and circulated quickly. Again, this gives you a warmer home for less money!
Our Liberty and Victory infrared heaters come standard with two power settings. Just set your infrared heater to the lower power setting for smaller spaces and start experiencing even greater cost savings.
The Gold Standard heating elements, exclusive to Heat Smart Infrared Heaters, are painstakingly designed to last a minimum of 20,000 hours. Please click here to see how these heating elements are made to be the best of any infrared heater.
The solid wood cabinet of our Victory infrared heaters is 3/4? thick, built to furniture standards. The wood is solid Tennessee Ash, grown in the USA. Our economy model, the Liberty Infrared Heater, is also made from solid Tennessee Ash.
Safety first! All Heat Smart Infrared Heaters have two forms of auto shutoff protection designed to shut the unit down if it overheats. If the first auto shut off switch fails, a backup switch or circuit breaker will shut the unit off.
All Heat Smart Infrared heaters have passed rigorous testing. All of our products are ETL / UL / CSA certified to be physically and environmentally safe.
Heat Smart Infrared Heaters require no clearance and are safe to touch. In fact, all of our infrared heaters come standard with a protective coating on the grill for added safety. There's no carbon monoxide in the air, no fossil fuels to burn, no tanks to fill up ? with infrared heaters, all you need is an outlet.
Start saving on your heating bill today! Switch to the safer, cleaner, and more economical heating solution with Heat Smart infrared heaters today! Order now!
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