Energy Efficient Portable Heaters

Energy efficient portable heaters are hard to come by. Most portable heaters are not energy efficient. Typical portable heaters produce a lower quality of heat that gets too hot, shooting the hot air to the ceiling and escaping through windows and cracks. They are designed for very small spaces like an office or under a desk so they can’t heat larger spaces effectively.

So what is the solution to heating cold spots and cool zones in your home? Energy efficient portable heaters from Heat Smart.

Energy efficient portable heaters from Heat Smart are infrared and warm your home like sun warms the Earth. Infrared heat stays with you by penetrating the objects in your home and you providing more heat where you need it. Now you won’t be using your furnace to try and keep that cold zone warm.

Now, with Heat Smart’s energy efficient portable heaters your heating bills go down. You can sit back, relax and enjoy the warmth knowing your furnace is on less, saving you money off your heating bill.

Many portable heaters rely on fossil fuels to product heat. This means constant trips to “refill the tank.” Heat Smart’s line of energy efficient portable heaters ensure you stay warm while not spending dollars on costly refills.

Make the right choice with Heat Smart’s energy efficient portable heaters!

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