Best Space Heaters

Heat Smart Infrared Heaters incorporate powerful infrared technology that delivers soothing infrared heat, heating up to 1,000 sq ft, while saving you money on your heating bill. Unlike other infrared heaters, HeatSmart Infrared heaters are designed to heat living areas for less, employing two power settings that reduce the energy used when heating smaller spaces. All our Infrared heaters are designed from the ground up to perform even better than the competition.

Heat Smart infrared heaters use the largest intake and output grills of any infrared heater on the market, allowing for more air to be heated and circulated quickly. The Gold Standard heating elements, exclusive to HeatSmart Infrared Heaters, are designed to last a minimum of 20,000 hours.

Please click here to see how these heating elements are made to be the best of all infrared heaters. The solid wood cabinet of our infrared heaters are built from solid Tennessee Ash, and are grown in the USA. All Heat Smart Infrared Heaters have two forms of auto shutoff protection designed to shut the unit down if it overheats.

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