Superior technology is built into every heater.
There is no other heater on the market that has all these advantages:

Smart Technology = Smart Heater

  • Heat Smart heaters “double heat” with a patented convection heating
    “chamber within a chamber.” No other infrared heater has it!
  • The Opti-SwitchTM gives you two power settings for heating different size areas. Saves energy and money.
  • Intake and output grills are 30% larger than any other heater on the market. More air is heated faster for less!
  • Our patented Gold StandardTM heating elements have nine proprietary innovations designed to keep the heating elements working where others fail. Click here to read more.

Smart Safety

  • Twice as safe. Every Heat Smart heater has two forms of auto shutoff protection that cut power if it overheats. For double protection, a backup safety switch will cut power if the first auto shut off switch fails

Smart Build

  • Our wood cabinets are built from solid Tennessee Ash wood.  Solid wood lasts longer, looks better and keeps the heat in

There is no other infrared heater that delivers all of these features in one package. Click here to read more on the Heat Smart product line.

Saves you money ~ Heat where it counts ~ Ease of use ~ Peace of mind

Our Infrared Heaters

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